Conor Accuses Nate of Steroids use

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Conor Accuses Nate of Steroids use


  1. didacus36
    Prije 2 dana

    Marihuana Guy jajaja khabib careta

  2. Christian Arias
    Christian Arias
    Prije 23 dana

    Dana white is all turned on by Connor!! 😂😂😂😂

  3. Adam S Chalkley.
    Adam S Chalkley.
    Prije 23 dana

    Hahahahahahahahahaha. Fcking hell.

  4. Charles Wetherspoon
    Charles Wetherspoon
    Prije 25 dana

    Dude Conor working out was fking hilarious 🤣😅🤣😂

  5. TROOP 305
    TROOP 305
    Prije 29 dana


  6. Sam Black
    Sam Black
    Prije mjesec

    Nate: “hoed’uep”

  7. Go Experimental
    Go Experimental
    Prije mjesec

    I mostly watch just to see Dana's face turn like it does hahaha never gets old

    1. sharyar khurram
      sharyar khurram
      Prije mjesec

      @Chris4Gamer6 ouch are ok men

    2. Chris4Gamer6
      Prije mjesec

      @sharyar khurram My foot was a balloon

    3. sharyar khurram
      sharyar khurram
      Prije mjesec

      frist 1#

  8. The singh
    The singh
    Prije mjesec


  9. Luke Julian
    Luke Julian
    Prije mjesec

    0:10 The sound that conor makes lol

  10. Connor Terry
    Connor Terry
    Prije mjesec

    Nates chin has been on steroids for years

  11. Lakim Rai
    Lakim Rai
    Prije mjesec

    Khabi is great

  12. Loco Zen
    Loco Zen
    Prije mjesec

    Ending 🎶 instrumental name plz? ? 🙏

  13. Luke Julian
    Luke Julian
    Prije mjesec

    0:47 Conor's doorbell 😂😂😂

  14. patrick mansour
    patrick mansour
    Prije mjesec

    Those crunches 😂😂😂

  15. Showtime Hussle
    Showtime Hussle
    Prije mjesec

    Ahhh dana!

  16. Rare Celebrity Pictures
    Rare Celebrity Pictures
    Prije mjesec

    mcchiken after sniffing 5 pounds of cocaine. "nate is on steroids"

  17. Billy Kolantung
    Billy Kolantung
    Prije mjesec

    What happen with conor's right foot?

  18. Rebin Haider
    Rebin Haider
    Prije mjesec

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣that was so funny!

  19. Jesus Rico-Ochoa, Jr.
    Jesus Rico-Ochoa, Jr.
    Prije mjesec

    Nate Diaz whats up ! 😂😂😂

  20. Salah eddine akhrif
    Salah eddine akhrif
    Prije mjesec

    Marijuana Guy 😂😂😂

  21. KiddKain
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  22. feim sh
    feim sh
    Prije mjesec

    Hahaha, Dana imitating Conor was hilarious. He had to do it.

  23. palestinian chicken
    palestinian chicken
    Prije mjesec


    Prije mjesec

    This only means McGregor is probably using something now.

  25. Marta Ziolkowska
    Marta Ziolkowska
    Prije mjesec

    danas kiss on the cheek 💋...gets me everytime 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. bukan urusan saya
    bukan urusan saya
    Prije mjesec


  27. gaseous clay
    gaseous clay
    Prije mjesec

    Mojaheds channel is part of the culture of mma.

  28. Uraveragefisherman
    Prije mjesec

    0:47 😂😂

  29. jaco lingenfelder
    jaco lingenfelder
    Prije mjesec

    Dana simping over abs

  30. Khabib Ramzanotschoev
    Khabib Ramzanotschoev
    Prije mjesec

    0:47 my new ringtone

  31. Jason Deblou
    Jason Deblou
    Prije mjesec

    good u deleted it

  32. SSJ Trunks
    SSJ Trunks
    Prije mjesec


  33. VideoCreating VC
    VideoCreating VC
    Prije mjesec

    Conor need to start training right again he trains completely wrong i dont get it he gets older and stifer why he lifts heavy weight ti fuck up more the cardio and the stifnes he gott dame

  34. ilVCF -
    ilVCF -
    Prije mjesec

    Can’t wait for today’s episode

  35. Muhammad Hikmal
    Muhammad Hikmal
    Prije mjesec

    ghost askren team pickup masvidal soon..............

  36. mukhlis aiman
    mukhlis aiman
    Prije mjesec

    Masvidal join ghost club, please cannot wait to watch

  37. James Hatefield
    James Hatefield
    Prije mjesec

    Dan doing after conor, uuwwwwwyyyaaaa, uuwwwhyaaaaa, uuwwwyyyaaaaaaa!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Dsowavyx 93
    Dsowavyx 93
    Prije mjesec

    Waiting too see Jorge get baptized and watch him join the other ghost

    1. Richard Johnson
      Richard Johnson
      Prije mjesec


  39. Justin Kimpland
    Justin Kimpland
    Prije mjesec

    Who else is waiting for the next video?! 🙋🏻‍♂️Masvidal joining the 👻 club

    1. Sam Nelton
      Sam Nelton
      Prije mjesec

      alllways !

  40. KVN Workz
    KVN Workz
    Prije mjesec

    Dana white on Conor abs. Makes me f.... Laugh🤣

  41. jeff ayson
    jeff ayson
    Prije mjesec

    we will see soon jorge ghost here and his master is bum askrew 😂

  42. Ian9toes
    Prije mjesec

    Waiting for a Masvidal to join the ghost club.

  43. Serj 113
    Serj 113
    Prije mjesec

    Masvidal: hi Ben ))

  44. AP chemistry course
    AP chemistry course
    Prije mjesec

    Lets gooooo new family member ( Masvidal )

    1. AP chemistry course
      AP chemistry course
      Prije mjesec

      Any new video coming soon

  45. Denzel Tajo
    Denzel Tajo
    Prije mjesec

    Make dana swole man. More realistic

  46. Jm Elizares
    Jm Elizares
    Prije mjesec


  47. Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer
    Prije mjesec

    Masvidal got KFOD 😂 😂 softest hitter in the division you said? 😂

  48. 2 idiots
    2 idiots
    Prije mjesec

    Im just sadly waiting here for jorge to join the ghost club lmao

  49. Kyrrua
    Prije mjesec

    Who's here waiting for Masvidal's soul to join the shadow realm after the missile he received ?

  50. DanTheMan
    Prije mjesec

    Mojahed bout to have a field day

  51. Davide
    Prije mjesec

    We all are waiting for Masvidal - Usman

  52. Lachlan Ross
    Lachlan Ross
    Prije mjesec

    Can ghost masvidal rematch askren

  53. Mr lahey
    Mr lahey
    Prije mjesec

    Guys masvidal has joined the ghost gang

    1. say calmly
      say calmly
      Prije mjesec

      Ahahahahha -Ben Askern

  54. Paul Gomez
    Paul Gomez
    Prije mjesec

    how will ghost askren will welcome the ghost of masdival?

  55. RagJN Music
    RagJN Music
    Prije mjesec

    I need Usman Rose Chevchenko and chrisweidman the show was a disaster

  56. Ghnb Trcv
    Ghnb Trcv
    Prije mjesec

    Wow the UFC 261 event will have so many great videos following up, can't wait for Mohajed masterpieces

  57. Pelayo Bull
    Pelayo Bull
    Prije mjesec

    Masvidal death!! Come one Askren 😂😂😂

  58. trevor cast
    trevor cast
    Prije mjesec

    Can't wait to see masvidal in ghost and the guy who broke his legs. But they guy who broke his leg only his leg should be with the ghosts and ben askren holding that leg like a sword

  59. Jorge Funes jr
    Jorge Funes jr
    Prije mjesec

    I can’t wait till you make videos about all the crazy shit that happened tonight

  60. John Hartley
    John Hartley
    Prije mjesec

    Just a heads up mojahed.. Don't bother taking the piss out of weidman's leg.. Not saying you're heartless and you are definitely funny

  61. Charlie Maddock
    Charlie Maddock
    Prije mjesec

    I’m here just waiting for the new vids mr LEGEND.Mojahed what a card 261 😀😀

  62. Student Loan Rage
    Student Loan Rage
    Prije mjesec

    1:49 Clearly Khabib is the only one that realized Conor wasn't lifting any weights.

  63. Maria Ambriz
    Maria Ambriz
    Prije mjesec

    Bro what time is Jorge meeting ben? 😄😃😃😄😃😄😃

  64. Half Blood
    Half Blood
    Prije mjesec

    ghost vs ghost is on the way...

  65. Declan Aylward
    Declan Aylward
    Prije mjesec

    Can’t wait for masvidal to join ghost club with askren

  66. Silent-v 1
    Silent-v 1
    Prije mjesec

    so hype for new videos with the main events and probably chris widemen to

  67. Itz Swaezy
    Itz Swaezy
    Prije mjesec

    Cant wait for Jorge's induction into the ghost squad

  68. U A
    U A
    Prije mjesec

    Ben askren’s ghost and masvidal’s ghost won’t welcome each other in the ghost club

  69. Amir Jay
    Amir Jay
    Prije mjesec

    Can’t wait for Masvidal getting KO-ed by Usman video man😂

  70. Seulgin
    Prije mjesec

    jorge masvidal welcome to ghost squad!

  71. PlayerFade
    Prije mjesec

    Gonna be interesting to see how Ben Askren and Gorge Masvidal get along in the ghost realm!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. Jesus Arteaga
    Jesus Arteaga
    Prije mjesec

    Oh god here come masvidals ghost in the next few days 💀💀💀

  73. Lucky Mer Natuel
    Lucky Mer Natuel
    Prije mjesec

    can't wait to see masvidal getting a warm welcome from the ghost squad!

  74. XxxAG 17
    XxxAG 17
    Prije mjesec

    Masvidal joins ghost gang!!!

  75. Achilles MMA
    Achilles MMA
    Prije mjesec

    UFC 261 gave mojahed so many contents to make videos 🤣 Weidman's knee broken (hopefully he is ok soon), Jang got knocked out and Usman masvidaled masvidal. Can't wait

  76. Achilles MMA
    Achilles MMA
    Prije mjesec

    Masvidal is joining askren's ghost club 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  77. foos don't cry
    foos don't cry
    Prije mjesec

    Mojahed boutta come back with exciting content after UFC 261

  78. Naga Narasimha
    Naga Narasimha
    Prije mjesec

    Can't wait to see masvidal join the crew😂😂😂

  79. Serijs21
    Prije mjesec

    Can't wait when George Masvidal's soul joins to the ghost team on Mojahed movie 😁😁😂😂😂😁😁😁

  80. Ray Franco
    Ray Franco
    Prije mjesec

    O M G lmaooo so glad Masvidal part of the ghost crew now. Usman shut his dumb ass up.

  81. BroBuster
    Prije mjesec

    Whats gonna happen when Masvidal joins Ben in the ghost squad???

  82. todoroki shouto
    todoroki shouto
    Prije mjesec

    Masvidal in the ghost squad

  83. Matt Brown
    Matt Brown
    Prije mjesec

    LMFAO ok so Jorge meetin ben in the ghost club is gonna be epic 😂😂😂😂 boom roasted

  84. Harlem 646
    Harlem 646
    Prije mjesec

    Masividal in the ghost squad -Welcome to 2021

  85. Truther11 Seeker
    Truther11 Seeker
    Prije mjesec

    Today... Askren needs to welcome Jorge in the shadow realm.

  86. Marc Ray
    Marc Ray
    Prije mjesec

    I can't wait for the latest event please include joe rogan reaction with thug rose and usman lmao

  87. applejm
    Prije mjesec

    im just here waiting for the ghost jorge to meet ghost ben

  88. Wangga Rahestu
    Wangga Rahestu
    Prije mjesec

    masvidal join ghost army

  89. Saif Adil
    Saif Adil
    Prije mjesec

    Mojahed finna have a good day with these fights

  90. Dean Meredith
    Dean Meredith
    Prije mjesec

    Can't wait for Jorge to become best friends with ben in the shadow realm

  91. Deuce Spades
    Deuce Spades
    Prije mjesec


  92. Thomasin MacKenzie
    Thomasin MacKenzie
    Prije mjesec

    Masvidal Ben Askren welcomes you to the ghost club 😂😂😂

  93. Thomasin MacKenzie
    Thomasin MacKenzie
    Prije mjesec

    Masvidal Ben Askren welcomes you to the ghost club 😂😂😂

  94. Lordstrean strean
    Lordstrean strean
    Prije mjesec

    I can see Marsividal's soul meeting Benaskren's soul

  95. Yanko O
    Yanko O
    Prije mjesec

    Masvidal is gonna join ghost team

    Prije mjesec

    Mojamed please let masvidal into ghost club tis time 😀

  97. Kev
    Prije mjesec

    Lmao 😅🤣😅 that was good 👍💪

  98. Modi Alnaamani
    Modi Alnaamani
    Prije mjesec

    'You think "abs" gonna help you'- Khabib

  99. Ajay Sherjin
    Ajay Sherjin
    Prije mjesec

    I think its khabib's abs...

  100. Andy H
    Andy H
    Prije mjesec

    I got to do it, Dana. Lol