Conor wants Usman Next for copying him

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Conor wants Usman Next for copying him


  1. didacus36
    Prije 2 dana


  2. Adam C
    Adam C
    Prije 17 dana

    Usman would eat Conner...

  3. Ari Az
    Ari Az
    Prije 19 dana

    It's time for africa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. BC
    Prije 24 dana

    Do somethin , do somethin . Can't get enough of that 😂 .

  5. Stephen Hmar
    Stephen Hmar
    Prije 25 dana

    DANA=its time for africa😂😂😂😂

    Prije 25 dana

    Usman stapping on conors foot and he's shouting.. Got me

  7. Grandma Gertrude
    Grandma Gertrude
    Prije 27 dana

    Probably the old McGregor could compete with usman but now usman is a different beast

  8. T R A S H 👌😏
    T R A S H 👌😏
    Prije 27 dana

    The do sum is from the usman trash talking masvidival

  9. Faizal Khan
    Faizal Khan
    Prije 28 dana

    Khabib made his foot balloon but Usman with foot stomps will make it a freakin hot air balloon😂

  10. DDJ Reacts
    DDJ Reacts
    Prije mjesec

    " it time for Africa"😂😂😂😂😂

  11. khalifa drake
    khalifa drake
    Prije mjesec

    This has to be the most entertaining channel on HRfire .. I love your videos

  12. Ash Tiwari
    Ash Tiwari
    Prije mjesec


  13. Omeng06
    Prije mjesec

    This is number one bullshit....

  14. THEN Buy a Dog and DIE ALONE!
    THEN Buy a Dog and DIE ALONE!
    Prije mjesec

    Usman always did the shoulder bump and toe stump go and checkout his out fights ,if anything Conner Coppied him...smh...i cant believe ppl gave the credit to conner smh

    Prije mjesec

    Love your channel

  16. Affordable Properties
    Affordable Properties
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  17. ali Gator
    ali Gator
    Prije mjesec

    Usman waay too big for Conor

  18. Souhil Boukhari
    Souhil Boukhari
    Prije mjesec

    I like your cut G

  19. Matthew watts
    Matthew watts
    Prije mjesec

    Watching this ufc cartoons while smoking weed is soo nice😂 👍i laught so much😂

  20. smoker2k
    Prije mjesec

    I like Connor at 55 I don’t like Conor at 70. The Conor fighting at 70 is Conor Mcgregor and that’s why we love Conor Mcgregor.

  21. Ribal Jalloul
    Ribal Jalloul
    Prije mjesec

    How much is he willing to earn for a beating?

  22. Coupled Together Gaming
    Coupled Together Gaming
    Prije mjesec

    1:23 Danah 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. brian dube
    brian dube
    Prije mjesec

    🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 creativity is permanent

  24. google user
    google user
    Prije mjesec

    "Oooh, I like your cut G!" Followed by the smack 😆 🤣 😂.

  25. Reddawg
    Prije mjesec

    Coner doesn't stand a chance with Usman and he knows that it will never happen coner talks a lot of shit

  26. Wreckter
    Prije mjesec

    I just love how deformed Conor has become :D :D :D

  27. Kay Leigh
    Kay Leigh
    Prije mjesec

    Usman all day

  28. Victorus Champion
    Victorus Champion
    Prije mjesec


  29. General Jorge
    General Jorge
    Prije mjesec

    LoL,Fool Conor. Usman will KO Conor for the Scariest KO Ever in UFC History🤣🤣🤣

  30. Valinka Ferencova
    Valinka Ferencova
    Prije mjesec


  31. randomstopmos55
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  32. PALYCH Dmitrakovitch
    PALYCH Dmitrakovitch
    Prije mjesec

    Как же жутко выглядят эти куклы, что аж неприятно смотреть.

  33. garykurthaas
    Prije mjesec

    Make this fight happen!!

  34. Alberto Campo
    Alberto Campo
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  35. Zach Tavaris
    Zach Tavaris
    Prije mjesec

    Conor also wanted Khabib in Russia... we know what happened in Vegas.

  36. Просто Дедуля
    Просто Дедуля
    Prije mjesec

    Blue lips😂

  37. Mopero Idi
    Mopero Idi
    Prije mjesec

    It time for African

  38. Gary
    Prije mjesec

    Conor is a tool box, dude sucks....stick to whiskey and bar fights

  39. jonald32z
    Prije mjesec

    I think we need a Proper 12 sold for $600 million video.

  40. roo Koo
    roo Koo
    Prije mjesec

    Usman will destroy mc tapper

  41. Big Caulkhead
    Big Caulkhead
    Prije mjesec

    Conor isn’t going to beat him No fucking way!! I would love to see that but... it ain’t happening

  42. Bannedone 3ice
    Bannedone 3ice
    Prije mjesec

    Usman will kill McTapper if he dares to fight him. So I doubt he is that stupid 🤣

  43. Gino Lorenzo
    Gino Lorenzo
    Prije mjesec

    You know Connor just isn't the same anymore when he picks a fight with Usman for "copying" him.

  44. Fight Sanction
    Fight Sanction
    Prije mjesec

    I WANT USMAN --- #WHO #WHO @danawhite #godbless #goodstrong #godspeed 55 11

  45. jose lateulade
    jose lateulade
    Prije mjesec

    Conor is washed up

  46. Thomas The Dank Engine
    Thomas The Dank Engine
    Prije mjesec

    Its clear that jones and mcgregor get absolutely hammered and hop on twitter everytime theres a big card

  47. Ag21
    Prije mjesec

    Jesus is the only way to eternal life. Put your faith on the true gospel of the death of Jesus and his shed blood for the remission of sins, his burial and God raising Him from the dead.

  48. Turco 75
    Turco 75
    Prije mjesec

    Hey mojahed i want make a complication “promotion” for youre channel what is the face name of dana white (0:20)?

  49. Arkansas Fitness Network
    Arkansas Fitness Network
    Prije mjesec

    Respect the Hustle.. Connor doesn't stand a chance. He will literally get hurt.

  50. Abdul Ghafer
    Abdul Ghafer
    Prije mjesec

    Lost a few in a row now he wants Usman , 🤣🤣

  51. Abdur Razzaq
    Abdur Razzaq
    Prije mjesec

    @0:25- man,u gotta "put sum respeck" on his name 😂😂

  52. Kristian Gajic
    Kristian Gajic
    Prije mjesec

    u are so crazy brother hahah 🤣

  53. jack strada
    jack strada
    Prije mjesec

    There are so many more voice sound bites you could use for these cartoons. A few of them are really played out. We shouldn’t be able to predict which ones you are going to use as the storyline unfolds.

  54. ChJ
    Prije mjesec

    I was eating and I spit out the food from laughing Mojahed you the best man 😂😂

  55. Jeremy JOrdan
    Jeremy JOrdan
    Prije mjesec

    Dena "beg me"

  56. ༒ശശി ആശാൻ -PP༒
    ༒ശശി ആശാൻ -PP༒
    Prije mjesec

    Woo hoo one more time 😂😂😂

  57. James Martin
    James Martin
    Prije mjesec

    Pure brilliance 😂😂😂😂❤

  58. грім забіяка
    грім забіяка
    Prije mjesec

    с плечом макгрегора уже не смешно

  59. Daniel Heller
    Daniel Heller
    Prije mjesec

    Mojahed has predicted stoppage by foot stomps. Bet on it boys

  60. 27Philz
    Prije mjesec

    How good do I look a 170 😂 really good jod on these videos👍

  61. Lee Todd
    Lee Todd
    Prije mjesec

    These are getting better every time 😂

  62. Jarel17-
    Prije mjesec

    I like ya cut G 🤣🤣🤣💀

  63. Rafael B Canuto
    Rafael B Canuto
    Prije mjesec


  64. Cream Paua
    Cream Paua
    Prije mjesec

    Conor over. Khabib mauled him. Dustin smashed him. Getting desperate now lol.

  65. James Tallant
    James Tallant
    Prije mjesec

    So funny

  66. Showtime Hussle
    Showtime Hussle
    Prije mjesec

    Connor criing out “Dana” get me

  67. Raphael Paddee
    Raphael Paddee
    Prije mjesec

    Bro you need weekly 10 minute episodes of these

  68. Christian
    Prije mjesec

    McGrgeor would win

  69. jakub gadzala
    jakub gadzala
    Prije mjesec


  70. IWD420
    Prije mjesec

    Please do a bit with Dana White as Daddy Warbucks 🙏

  71. M M
    M M
    Prije mjesec

    My foot is a ballon MurMurMurMur

  72. Joe Bruce
    Joe Bruce
    Prije mjesec

    The Bum Connor needs to stop.

  73. Cody Marijuonko
    Cody Marijuonko
    Prije mjesec

    Connor has to be center at attention.

  74. TheTARANISh
    Prije mjesec

    Pure gold man!!!

  75. CryptoVult
    Prije mjesec

    Lol 😂

  76. Public Enema
    Public Enema
    Prije mjesec

    Lol, even with great performance in recent fights People still memeing usman foot stomp, and we like it

  77. Jeff Wairi
    Jeff Wairi
    Prije mjesec

    Comedic genius hahaha

  78. google user
    google user
    Prije mjesec

    Conor will die out at a heavier weight. He barley has enough stamina now for three rounds and that's pushing it.

  79. DAN GMT
    Prije mjesec


  80. Vlad S
    Vlad S
    Prije mjesec

    Ha-ha-ha. An absolutely idiot’s humor.

  81. Gda Rippa
    Gda Rippa
    Prije mjesec

    I want Marty, in Nebraska -McGregor Isn’t he fucking awesome -Askren

  82. David easterwood
    David easterwood
    Prije mjesec

    I liked that one lol

  83. jan hiken
    jan hiken
    Prije mjesec

    Usman would kill conor. Its not even funny

  84. Nekky Sync
    Nekky Sync
    Prije mjesec

    Kamaru Conor Mcgregor Snoozeman is his new personality. I say to kamaru. Bro be yourself stop stealing my moves

  85. London2ATL
    Prije mjesec

    This is the funniest one... omg when Usman toe stumped him 🤣🤣🤣, you really have to be into mma to get some of the hidden gems. The interviewers, the tweets 🤣🤣

  86. Nathan Okuku
    Nathan Okuku
    Prije mjesec

    Dana: "I like Conor at 55. I don't like Conor at 70." Usman: "Who?" LOL! 😆

  87. taro uni
    taro uni
    Prije mjesec


  88. Aziz Alkhaleel
    Aziz Alkhaleel
    Prije mjesec


  89. Clay Potts
    Clay Potts
    Prije mjesec

    The hammer fist is too legit to quit

  90. Les Blàse
    Les Blàse
    Prije mjesec

    Conor vs Jorge

  91. Zach Upchurch
    Zach Upchurch
    Prije mjesec

    Lol conor couldnt even imagine a scenario in which he beats usman

  92. TheMaGa1
    Prije mjesec

    " I fucking love this kid know what he told me ..? He said - i want usman next Nigeria " - uncle dana on connor calling out kamaru

  93. Part1
    Prije mjesec

    The fight would last as long as Usman wants it to just like Floyd and then it's over.

  94. Karan Sharma
    Karan Sharma
    Prije mjesec

    When dana smacks usman's head lol

  95. Leo Amaya
    Leo Amaya
    Prije mjesec

    That Dana face 😩🤣 priceless

  96. Jimmy Walker
    Jimmy Walker
    Prije mjesec

    Conor is the mma equivalent of Jake Paul🤡

  97. Asraf Murad
    Asraf Murad
    Prije mjesec


  98. LouBang718
    Prije mjesec

    Do you think Usman sends Conor back to the Red Shadow realm with Ben??

  99. Kezha Nakhro
    Kezha Nakhro
    Prije mjesec

    What a joke

  100. Connor Swallow
    Connor Swallow
    Prije mjesec

    These get funnier and funnier every video, good job man