Dana Blocks GSP from Boxing Oscar

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Dana Blocks GSP from Boxing Oscar


  1. ndungur
    Prije 8 dana

    Dana might be the star of Mojahed's universe

  2. The Undertaker
    The Undertaker
    Prije 10 dana

    1:15 gsp: u crazy in your head man Dana: yes absolutely 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ohhh MoJAHED u killed me with this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Saif Ansari
    Saif Ansari
    Prije 13 dana


  4. Suud Zahir
    Suud Zahir
    Prije 14 dana

    GSP "aaaaright I'm coming back " has be rolling lllol

  5. Nirvana Rocks
    Nirvana Rocks
    Prije 14 dana

    I've been watching this at least twice a day since you posted this, I just can't get enough of dana being Bruce lee and liu kang I fucking love it!😂😂😂

  6. Luke Dunkley
    Luke Dunkley
    Prije 14 dana

    Dana " You Slimy Rat" 😂😂

  7. Nic Nikur
    Nic Nikur
    Prije 17 dana

    Are u crazy in ur head man

  8. Francis Ngannou
    Francis Ngannou
    Prije 17 dana

    Dana tries to protect his guys to being disgraced.. after ben askren been disgraced.

  9. Джейсон Стэтхэм
    Джейсон Стэтхэм
    Prije 18 dana

    Please explain to me why Conor has "blue lips", and the shirt also says "blue lips". Where did this joke come from?

  10. lionel bwalya
    lionel bwalya
    Prije 18 dana

    You little snake 🐍 Mortal Kombat lue kamg bicyclekick ulululululwa!!

  11. Dwayne Walker
    Dwayne Walker
    Prije 19 dana

    That stupid Dana smile gets me every time 🤣

  12. Tiffanygsp
    Prije 19 dana

    💚🖤💙💜💛💚🖤💙💜💛🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Keep it coming baby you are the man 😂😂😂

  13. Leo McCloskey
    Leo McCloskey
    Prije 19 dana

    Looks like uncle Dana got even more jacked

  14. BeBe The cat
    BeBe The cat
    Prije 19 dana

    There goes da legacey.

  15. James Derek
    James Derek
    Prije 19 dana

    "He was never my friend" never gets old

  16. James Derek
    James Derek
    Prije 19 dana

    The Dana smile 😆

  17. rev. reality
    rev. reality
    Prije 20 dana

    GSP Should just buy out his contract.

  18. Dexter Morgan 666
    Dexter Morgan 666
    Prije 20 dana

    The only thing wrong in this picture is Oscar would smash Dana up real bad

  19. Mr. One-Two
    Mr. One-Two
    Prije 20 dana

    Great video Baby!

  20. Chris Bonham
    Chris Bonham
    Prije 20 dana

    Gotta love Dana's fly kick from behind lol

  21. Matteo Ragni
    Matteo Ragni
    Prije 20 dana

    Dana is the real badass in the series

  22. Preston Cassise
    Preston Cassise
    Prije 20 dana


  23. Steven Riley
    Steven Riley
    Prije 20 dana

    Oscar's legs 🤣

  24. Berkeley County South Carolina
    Berkeley County South Carolina
    Prije 20 dana

    😂😂😂😂im addicted to this shit

  25. Alae Farm Estates LLC
    Alae Farm Estates LLC
    Prije 20 dana

    TRT Dana

  26. Diesel
    Prije 20 dana

    Hahaha, even got Oscar wearing the pantyhose outfit, LOL!!

  27. NO NAME
    Prije 20 dana

    Тут есть Русский!

    1. BoxyTheSpaceDog
      Prije 11 dana

      Serbskie,privet brat.

  28. Nicholas Ali
    Nicholas Ali
    Prije 20 dana

    Oscar DeLa Fishnets ✅

  29. Nicholas Ali
    Nicholas Ali
    Prije 20 dana

    Expected to see TJ Dillashaw, if we're talking about 🐍🐍🐍🐍dat little snake in da grass ✅

  30. Cole Adams
    Cole Adams
    Prije 20 dana

    GSP's hair🤣🤣

  31. Noor Bright Channel
    Noor Bright Channel
    Prije 20 dana

    That Oscar's Snake Skin 🐍

  32. david bond
    david bond
    Prije 20 dana

    That face at 1:41

  33. Adam Ibrahim
    Adam Ibrahim
    Prije 20 dana

    Mojahed deserves millions of subscribers

  34. Edward
    Prije 20 dana

    This one was great!!! 😂😂😂

  35. Rom B
    Rom B
    Prije 21 dan

    De la Hoya's outfit, haha

  36. Ram Mott
    Ram Mott
    Prije 21 dan

    I love how you put him in fishnets 🤣😂😭😂🤣😂😭😂

  37. Joseph Handibode
    Joseph Handibode
    Prije 21 dan

    Gsp is a freaking moron. Dana actually helping him. Oscar would destroy gsp. Ufc have to stop being jobbers.

  38. sven trogrlic
    sven trogrlic
    Prije 21 dan

    Snoop so far, the best animated carakter on this show... Good job Mr. Fudailat!

  39. Jad Man
    Jad Man
    Prije 21 dan

    Wtf that looks nothing like Oscar lol

  40. An Flo
    An Flo
    Prije 21 dan

    I Hate Danna White Because He Is So Annoying

  41. 5'2 balding indian janitor
    5'2 balding indian janitor
    Prije 21 dan

    Dana "If you're not making money for me, you're not making money at all" White

  42. RR 1000
    RR 1000
    Prije 21 dan


  43. Ayan Mukherjee
    Ayan Mukherjee
    Prije 21 dan

    I like how day by day Dana is losing his fookin mind.

  44. The King
    The King
    Prije 21 dan

    Dana laughing is golden

  45. Aldo Martin
    Aldo Martin
    Prije 21 dan

    Thats doesnt look like oscar tho

  46. Soufiane Abkiss
    Soufiane Abkiss
    Prije 21 dan

    Come on mojahed make them longer a bit!

  47. Nathan Okuku
    Nathan Okuku
    Prije 21 dan

    GSP: "Are you crazy in your head man?" Dana: Yes, absolutely." LOOOL! 😆😆

  48. Ario Rizki Pratama
    Ario Rizki Pratama
    Prije 21 dan

    1:31 Mode Liu kang😂

  49. BigBass13 13
    BigBass13 13
    Prije 21 dan

    Thanks for nothing Dana....

  50. Schocki W_W
    Schocki W_W
    Prije 21 dan

    DANA NINJA 😂👍😂

  51. Figgy
    Prije 21 dan

    _”Are you crazy in yer ead man?”_

  52. Very unprofessional trainspotting.
    Very unprofessional trainspotting.
    Prije 21 dan

    Are we getting anything to do with Conor going on the Sir Stevo Timothy undercard?

  53. mystery box
    mystery box
    Prije 21 dan

    Oscar de la weirdo

  54. Kamil El
    Kamil El
    Prije 21 dan

    Dana making that gosh darn b)$& face! Late night stalking for a Mojahed video👀👀👀👀👀 and there it was!

  55. Paul Garcia
    Paul Garcia
    Prije 21 dan

    Oscar and his fish net outfit.lmao

  56. Y 5
    Y 5
    Prije 21 dan

    Hilarious once again 😂😂

    Prije 21 dan

    The Liu Kang move was lit....

  58. santhosh m
    santhosh m
    Prije 21 dan

    GSP: Water is wet, Fire burns and i am gonna ... ( Got punch out of nowhere ) 😂

  59. barok MLTV
    barok MLTV
    Prije 21 dan

    It doesn't seems like oscar. Md. you must recreate his face with his wide forehead today. His face is outdated.

  60. GOLD Water
    GOLD Water
    Prije 21 dan


  61. 0_о
    Prije 21 dan

    What is program name?

  62. Eazim Raja
    Eazim Raja
    Prije 21 dan

    USSA baby !!

  63. Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar
    Prije 21 dan

    Make a video of Bulk miocic vs nganou or pictogram jones...😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏

  64. Kevin Feeney
    Kevin Feeney
    Prije 21 dan

    Whats up with the fishnets?

  65. Moso Mo
    Moso Mo
    Prije 21 dan

    I think Mojahed could have done a better job with Oscar’s character, doesn’t look really like him

  66. Allan Maruhom
    Allan Maruhom
    Prije 21 dan


  67. Асылжан Жорабеков
    Асылжан Жорабеков
    Prije 21 dan

    All right I'm coming back blh blh blh.

  68. Gary Scott
    Gary Scott
    Prije 21 dan

    I really hope mojahed fudailat uses luke rockhold’s “feminim shins” quote

  69. almastud
    Prije 21 dan

    Does oscar wear nets

  70. Adde
    Prije 21 dan

    The fish net outfit is hilarious 😂 😂. For those that don't know, Oscar likes to dress in women's attire.

  71. no
    Prije 21 dan

    Oscar in fishnets 😂😂😂

  72. Motorsports in Japan
    Motorsports in Japan
    Prije 21 dan

    The mesh suit 😆😂 Mojahed misses nothing

  73. june snow
    june snow
    Prije 21 dan

    the fishnet!

  74. Samuel Campos
    Samuel Campos
    Prije 21 dan

    Oscar de la Hoya in fishnets 🤣

  75. Shaun 1976 01
    Shaun 1976 01
    Prije 21 dan

    Lol 😂 you put him in fishnets. I forgot about that 👍🏽

  76. J.B Gaming
    J.B Gaming
    Prije 21 dan

    First time G.S.P made the Conor tap sound 😂

  77. Kenneth Thomas
    Kenneth Thomas
    Prije 21 dan

    Dana trying to keep all fighters (even the ones that have retired and don't work for him) from getting paid🤣🤣🤣

  78. The Fun Fight
    The Fun Fight
    Prije 21 dan

    Oscar on coke during triller was cringe 😬

  79. Jose Nothing
    Jose Nothing
    Prije 21 dan

    I wanna see Dana white vs del la Hoya

  80. Ivo Maros
    Ivo Maros
    Prije 21 dan

    bro that face at the end😂😂

  81. Captian America
    Captian America
    Prije 21 dan

    Plz do more of Mortal Kombat, that made it even cooler. Dude ut got me by surprise, so awesome.

  82. Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia
    Prije 21 dan

    Why does Oscar look like Eddie hearn

  83. jared kirk
    jared kirk
    Prije 21 dan

    The fish nets 💀💀💀all around good episode🤌🏽🤌🏽🙏🏽

  84. Azeem Rahman
    Azeem Rahman
    Prije 21 dan

    In every video, mojahed puts a golden topping to the dessert 😅

  85. Steady Manos
    Steady Manos
    Prije 21 dan

    Mojahed never forgets.. he got Oscar in a fishnet.. haha

  86. pu be
    pu be
    Prije 21 dan

    Dana is smart oscar kos gsp.

  87. qtelsparrow
    Prije 21 dan

    Is Dana saying "you little b..ch" when finishing liu kang move on Oscar? 😁

  88. Joseph King
    Joseph King
    Prije 21 dan

    ROFL Oscar in the fishnets

  89. Jesus Espinal
    Jesus Espinal
    Prije 21 dan

    I swear Dana white needs to react to one of these videos 😂😂

  90. Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez
    Prije 21 dan


  91. Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez
    Prije 21 dan

    This is the stupidest video I've ever seen Este es el video más estúpido que he visto

  92. Mike Whittington
    Mike Whittington
    Prije 21 dan

    Liu Kang kick was classic!

  93. Alabama Outdoors44
    Alabama Outdoors44
    Prije 21 dan

    If George is retired why he have to answer to Dana ?

  94. Mario Nitu
    Mario Nitu
    Prije 21 dan

    IM I THE ONLY ONE WHO DIES WHEN DANA SAYS “you slimly little rat”!??😂😂😂

  95. abdu Jamal
    abdu Jamal
    Prije 21 dan

    are you crazy in your head men

  96. Eagle Eats To The Bone
    Eagle Eats To The Bone
    Prije 21 dan

    "Alright I'm coming back, na, na, not really"

  97. Ron Anderson
    Ron Anderson
    Prije 21 dan

    Communist snoop makes an appearance

  98. Maurice Washington
    Maurice Washington
    Prije 21 dan

    Liu Kang’s MK Bicycle kick - legend! 😂 🔥 🐉

  99. Marwan
    Prije 21 dan

    Gsp the goat 🔜

  100. GodlyJames
    Prije 21 dan

    Alright i'm coming back 😂😂🤣