Dana Cuts Diego Sanchez from the UFC

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Dana Cuts Diego Sanchez from the UFC


  1. Valentin Farias
    Valentin Farias
    Prije 12 dana

    I'm not sure yet what he's talking about

  2. Les Blàse
    Les Blàse
    Prije 17 dana

    Wish ya roasted Fabia harder

  3. didacus36
    Prije 20 dana

    Tyson is fucking high

  4. Dustin Clark
    Dustin Clark
    Prije 24 dana

    The shirt should have said toxic af.

  5. Andrew Cavanaugh
    Andrew Cavanaugh
    Prije 27 dana

    Lmfao this kids the funniest shit ever with this. !!

  6. AngryManiac
    Prije 28 dana

    Waiting for current situation of Diego and fabia

  7. JOE 563 P.
    JOE 563 P.
    Prije 28 dana


  8. Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol
    Prije 28 dana

    Anyone waiting for Mohajed to cartoonize Diego and Fabia's breakup?

  9. Patrick Clifford
    Patrick Clifford
    Prije mjesec

    who here after the breakup lmaoo

  10. Ed Warren
    Ed Warren
    Prije mjesec

    That pose is the one from the Michel Pereira fight 😂 I loved it when Diego did that. He’s one unique fella

  11. Sam Black
    Sam Black
    Prije mjesec

    The ridicule of Tyquil is rampant 😂🥳

  12. Javier Sahagun
    Javier Sahagun
    Prije mjesec

    Woodley in space perfection! Lol 😂

  13. Joseph Antonelli
    Joseph Antonelli
    Prije mjesec

    I love how Dana is such a bad ass in these videos. If you think about it Dana really is a bad ass. I see him up there with two fighters at once and he is holding them back all by his self.

  14. Marc Gottlieb
    Marc Gottlieb
    Prije mjesec

    261 / Where's Fortune Cookie Weili ?

  15. Solid Mercury
    Solid Mercury
    Prije mjesec

    Are you 🥵! 😛😛😛👌👌👌

  16. nxghtmxre
    Prije mjesec

    This isn’t a career, this is an opportunity

  17. defenders of the faith
    defenders of the faith
    Prije mjesec

    He's knocked out up orbiting around in space 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Giordano Bruno
    Giordano Bruno
    Prije mjesec

    This is what i am talking about. Joshua Fabia.

  19. Samuel Martinez
    Samuel Martinez
    Prije mjesec


  20. Formidable Cipher🌙
    Formidable Cipher🌙
    Prije mjesec

    Bruh the Tyron yo lmao

  21. TheTruth SSYF
    TheTruth SSYF
    Prije mjesec


  22. Andres Movement
    Andres Movement
    Prije mjesec

    Lol great job this one won every last giggle out of me!

  23. King Smith
    King Smith
    Prije mjesec


  24. MikeMMA
    Prije mjesec


  25. Daywalker X316
    Daywalker X316
    Prije mjesec


  26. Andy H
    Andy H
    Prije mjesec

    "I'm just taaaalking and its a praaablem" Labia

  27. The Guy That Talks Shit On YouTube
    The Guy That Talks Shit On YouTube
    Prije mjesec

    I think him and Diego like playing "touchbutt" in the Park, with their dongs if you catch my drift!

  28. Drex
    Prije mjesec

    Im in the floor!!!...🤣🤣

  29. raycorey
    Prije mjesec

    I just walk around now and just shout out “This is what am talkin bout” 😂😂😂😂

  30. Alpha
    Prije mjesec

    Keep him in space

  31. Work Hard Play Hard F##k Harder
    Work Hard Play Hard F##k Harder
    Prije mjesec

    What are you talking about

  32. savvy830
    Prije mjesec

    Megan "Pride foot stomps" Olivi

  33. bentley Jordan
    bentley Jordan
    Prije mjesec


  34. mrnate2468
    Prije mjesec

    woodley got me

  35. Da Supervillain Melvin Christopher Marshall
    Da Supervillain Melvin Christopher Marshall
    Prije mjesec

    UFC vet and former bkfc champ johnny bedford and gym staff involved in scandal. See full story on HRfire by typing in GYMSCRIMINATION

  36. Aloush Sadek
    Aloush Sadek
    Prije mjesec

    Mojahed deserves royalty from each “Falling in and out of Love” album sales

  37. Cwick Yo momma
    Cwick Yo momma
    Prije mjesec

    Dana white shady as fuck. Fighters get fucked over daily

  38. Hélio Pires
    Hélio Pires
    Prije mjesec

    the first girl in the animes, now we are ready for woman fights?

  39. FreddyB 2K4L
    FreddyB 2K4L
    Prije mjesec

    The Woodley part....🤣🤣🤣

  40. doc Mo-gun ✔
    doc Mo-gun ✔
    Prije mjesec

    Can anyone paste the link to the video where joshua fabia says "this is what I'm talking about"😂😂

  41. DavesHadeNuFF187
    Prije mjesec

    I knew this one was coming 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  42. Daniel argueta
    Daniel argueta
    Prije mjesec

    That dana look kills it everytime

  43. Helder Quintas
    Helder Quintas
    Prije mjesec

    Jake Paul should fight Josh Fabia

  44. Helder Quintas
    Helder Quintas
    Prije mjesec

    The ending with Tyron Wodeley it's hilarious 😂

  45. CCP Joe
    CCP Joe
    Prije mjesec

    Overated cartoon

  46. mr420
    Prije mjesec

    They should have given him his last fight

  47. John Riser
    John Riser
    Prije mjesec

    That was morbidly satisfying

  48. Boredoutofmywits
    Prije mjesec

    Fabia, narcissitic as he is, never thought he would reach the pinnacle of the sport. Appear in a Mojahed's animation.

  49. J
    Prije mjesec


  50. Timothy Alan
    Timothy Alan
    Prije mjesec

    😂 falling in & outta love with you 😂 "I'm gonna beat your ass" is the gayest song in existence 😂

  51. Jaime Aguirre
    Jaime Aguirre
    Prije mjesec

    “This is what I’m talking about!” 😂😂 my new favorite quote

  52. dave stewart
    dave stewart
    Prije mjesec

    God i would shit myself if Tyson ever upset and said you gotta go, you understand?

  53. BlissAden
    Prije mjesec

    I was expecting to see Anderson Silva there with his I back

  54. Jason Hickey
    Jason Hickey
    Prije mjesec

    That bit with Tyson saying 'You have to go now!' is one of the scariest interview moments ever!

  55. myown lilbubble
    myown lilbubble
    Prije mjesec

    That "toxic" tee.....lolx

  56. Jarno Saarinen
    Jarno Saarinen
    Prije mjesec

    Woodley's song is growing on me!

  57. Ghettoize
    Prije mjesec

    so funny im just glad the ufc is public imo we need a new president dana time to retire :)

  58. Doc Smoke
    Doc Smoke
    Prije mjesec

    The ending is gold😂

  59. Daniel Plascencia
    Daniel Plascencia
    Prije mjesec

    Mike Tyson the baddest man of the planet ☠️

  60. David Grabowski
    David Grabowski
    Prije mjesec

    This was terrible. Also I subscribed.

  61. Lucci Robbins
    Lucci Robbins
    Prije mjesec

    Watched this video before I knew about the whole situation. Google/HRfire searched the situation. I saw the video and was legit hoping Dana would show up and smack Fabia around. Mojahed’s videos are pretty accurate albeit a parody, but in an alternate universe, I’m sure the events happen like his videos word for word.

    1. Lucci Robbins
      Lucci Robbins
      Prije mjesec

      Also Megan Olivi saying “Do something, do something, do something,” while stomping Fabia comedy genius along with Sanchez’s peacock mannerisms.

  62. Mark-hilton Pomare
    Mark-hilton Pomare
    Prije mjesec


  63. Martial arts enthusiast
    Martial arts enthusiast
    Prije mjesec

    If you think about it, this is actually internet bullying

    Prije mjesec

    That T Wood signing gets me every time 😂!!! Thanks 🙏🏽 brother for these videos!!

  65. LaLa LaLa
    LaLa LaLa
    Prije mjesec

    tyrone bum at the end was epic. lol

  66. Helicopter Rides For Communists
    Helicopter Rides For Communists
    Prije mjesec

    The face Dana and Tyson make at the end. Then Woodly in space. Lord.

  67. Cougar Bait
    Cougar Bait
    Prije mjesec

    that megan olivi angry face LOL

  68. hasarutoe tensakey
    hasarutoe tensakey
    Prije mjesec

    Why they got Diego standing like that

  69. bossboy191919
    Prije mjesec

    Dana with the double stockton slap lol

  70. Jazzbuh
    Prije mjesec

    This fire content right here... THIS IS WHAT IM TAWKIN ABOUT

  71. Guitar Mart
    Guitar Mart
    Prije mjesec

    Best one so far haha more Megan please!

  72. Joey Hernandez
    Joey Hernandez
    Prije mjesec

    T-wood at the end had me dying. 😂🤣 Good job

  73. MMA Talk
    MMA Talk
    Prije mjesec

    Ha ha ha ha ha nice! Add in Diego and boyfriends gay pictures, and Diego hiding in the closet.

  74. Shane Cormier
    Shane Cormier
    Prije mjesec

    Falling in and outta love witchu

  75. Psddar
    Prije mjesec

    Joshua is such a fucking tool

  76. Joe Mama
    Joe Mama
    Prije mjesec

    "Diego Sanchez was never my friend." -Dana White

  77. Get Moosey
    Get Moosey
    Prije mjesec

    Lmfao Megan gotta get the cage now😂😂💀

  78. Drop Bear
    Drop Bear
    Prije mjesec

    Pump the brakes,pump the brakes...

  79. Tales TheSalesman
    Tales TheSalesman
    Prije mjesec

    Don't come up to me like I'm Ariel Halwani - Valentina Shevchenko

  80. Automaticman88
    Prije mjesec

    Sir, this is your best work.

  81. Mike Diamondz
    Mike Diamondz
    Prije mjesec

    UfC is a team of karen and jim

  82. Clubber Lang
    Clubber Lang
    Prije mjesec

    Sad to say but good riddance ..

  83. Jam Usama
    Jam Usama
    Prije mjesec

    Why is ufc so successful. Bcz Dana is White.

  84. Matthew Dunlop
    Matthew Dunlop
    Prije mjesec

    Megan Olivi looks scary when she's pissed lmao

  85. Jarel17-
    Prije mjesec

    He Nailed it with the Fabia Character 🤣🤣🤣

  86. Roccoo Bladzi
    Roccoo Bladzi
    Prije mjesec

    I think we are going to have the spaceships club now lol

  87. Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker
    Prije mjesec


  88. LIFE is A. Small Lesson
    LIFE is A. Small Lesson
    Prije mjesec

    He was right about one thing...that was indeed, "what he was talking about"!! Poor Diego tho...

  89. F F
    F F
    Prije mjesec

    Tyron singing gets me everytime😂🤣

  90. TheTwisted869
    Prije mjesec

    If he'd of chased them around the room with a knife he'd of came across less crazy.

  91. Danny Heatley
    Danny Heatley
    Prije mjesec

    Ladies and Gentlemen we have found the 1 coach worse then Edmond Tarverdyan...

  92. Mr Lee
    Mr Lee
    Prije mjesec

    Thanks mojahed another funny asf vid

    Prije mjesec

    lol so awesome

  94. nick kirstine
    nick kirstine
    Prije mjesec

    By far my main source of ufc news. Love you mojahed!!!

  95. Elite Exposure
    Elite Exposure
    Prije mjesec

    Anyone else think GSP was going to show up at the end with some aliens?

  96. scott chirco
    scott chirco
    Prije mjesec

    Now Diego and his fruit loop coach can take their freak show on the road to Bellator or anywhere else that wants to deal with crazy!

  97. Get it Right
    Get it Right
    Prije mjesec

    Thought Tony was going to come out from the woods with his camo 😭😭😭

  98. Douglas bunn
    Douglas bunn
    Prije mjesec

    Shit he should have been cut years ago,,his fights are such shit I'd be surprised if dana doesn't pay him $100 per fight

  99. pinkysidealmond
    Prije mjesec

    More Fabia please !!!

  100. Muharem Agic
    Muharem Agic
    Prije mjesec

    Funny video but it's sad to see a pioneer of the sport go out like that.