Kamaru Usman KOs Masvidal to Ghost Club

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Kamaru Usman KOs Masvidal to Ghost Club


  1. Mamuche jajalamela
    Mamuche jajalamela
    Prije 7 dana


  2. Jeff Musyoka
    Jeff Musyoka
    Prije 9 dana

    That Dana dance lol

  3. Aiqall Zakii
    Aiqall Zakii
    Prije 10 dana

    I cannot with askren😂

  4. Faria Sabir
    Faria Sabir
    Prije 14 dana

    Who who

  5. Dzivarking
    Prije 20 dana

    Ronaldos: Sii is funny af 😂😂😂

  6. Sanna Mati
    Sanna Mati
    Prije 20 dana

    its time for africa haha

  7. Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia
    Prije 21 dan

    That face is so funny 1:33🤣🤣🤣

  8. yanal hzkia
    yanal hzkia
    Prije 23 dana

    رح موووت 😂😂😂

  9. Jonathan Espinoza
    Jonathan Espinoza
    Prije 24 dana

    Respect Usman or he knock u out

  10. Blazed Onix
    Blazed Onix
    Prije 28 dana

    This is another fight in which the second fight didn’t go different

  11. BETO xoxo
    BETO xoxo
    Prije 28 dana

    Ghetto Jesus , shall rise and meet his creator 🤣

  12. King Vinny
    King Vinny
    Prije mjesec

    It’s kind of poetic that the man responsible for the ghost club has now ended up a member.

  13. Xeno Morph
    Xeno Morph
    Prije mjesec

    Should take gaethje and poirer out of the club , they weren’t ktfo

  14. Content For your Mind
    Content For your Mind
    Prije mjesec

    Predict Hwy Africa Champion vs lewis

  15. Dan Okero
    Dan Okero
    Prije mjesec

    was masvidal quoting Scarface?

  16. Илиян Николов
    Илиян Николов
    Prije mjesec


  17. DooDoo Poop
    DooDoo Poop
    Prije mjesec

    Bro, with all the excuses that have come out from Weili and her manager, you just GOT to go back and make a Weili/Rose video.

  18. Phanre Phaner
    Phanre Phaner
    Prije mjesec


  19. ICW Super Slam
    ICW Super Slam
    Prije mjesec

    Shoooo, Who Shoooo, Who Shoooo, Who

  20. SINKupAr
    Prije mjesec

    we are all waiting....chandler get KO😂😂😂

  21. Andrew Nathan
    Andrew Nathan
    Prije mjesec

    The Ghost Club is Brilliant.

  22. Night Fury
    Night Fury
    Prije mjesec

    Who ?

  23. Appleseeds
    Prije mjesec

    I keep coming back here LMAO

  24. Giordano Bruno
    Giordano Bruno
    Prije mjesec


  25. Ratios-SpEEDS
    Prije mjesec


    Prije mjesec

    you need people like me 😂😂😂

  27. Suraj Ojha
    Suraj Ojha
    Prije mjesec

    From creating the ghost 👻 club to becoming a permanent member . That journey though .

  28. Nassir Mohamed
    Nassir Mohamed
    Prije mjesec

    Am cana give what people want and that's VIOLENCE,

    Prije mjesec

    Pause the video and click this 1:35 😂😄

  30. Nick Kabeya
    Nick Kabeya
    Prije mjesec

    After the fight I was like game bread is fooooooooked

  31. Ghettoize
    Prije mjesec


  32. Sumer Desai
    Sumer Desai
    Prije mjesec

    I respect thatbu didnt do a Chris Weidman one......MUCH RESPECT 🙌 🙏!!

  33. Mouss Staff
    Mouss Staff
    Prije mjesec

    BMF best Miami fighters ?

  34. Bryant Alvarez
    Bryant Alvarez
    Prije mjesec

    The way you have them ghost pilled all over eachother in the same order in every video with empty spaces for new ghost lol HILARIOUS... lol and i bet UFC fighters that know about your channel probably be hoping they dont get knocked out in a crazy fashion lol

  35. Mike P
    Mike P
    Prije mjesec

    Askren gonna be holding up alot of Ghosts ...

  36. JD Russell
    JD Russell
    Prije mjesec

    So nice of Askren to welcome Masvidal to the Ghost Club!

  37. sujit maharjan
    sujit maharjan
    Prije mjesec

    i was expecting so water effect while he got knocked out.😂🤣

  38. Adeen Khan
    Adeen Khan
    Prije mjesec

    1:30 so funny

  39. nicholas hutchinson
    nicholas hutchinson
    Prije mjesec

    Lmao nice

  40. Can Dincsoy
    Can Dincsoy
    Prije mjesec

    Cristiaanoo Rrrrooonaldooo

  41. Nathan Okuku
    Nathan Okuku
    Prije mjesec

    Why are there no women in the Ghost Club? Was expecting to see Whelli Zhang and Amanda Ribas.

  42. André Felipe
    André Felipe
    Prije mjesec

    We want the knockout of Rose x Zhang

  43. Raj A
    Raj A
    Prije mjesec

    I keep coming back for Dana’s dance at 1:30. It cracks me every time.

  44. Saif Habeeb Al-arigee
    Saif Habeeb Al-arigee
    Prije mjesec

    You’re super intelligent. Keep going 👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻

  45. Danni Girl
    Danni Girl
    Prije mjesec

    Love it!! Danas got the cat face 😂

  46. Big Hawk
    Big Hawk
    Prije mjesec

    It's time for Africa 😂😂

  47. Jorge Guzman
    Jorge Guzman
    Prije mjesec

    why did we not get rose ko of weili??

  48. Cata kta
    Cata kta
    Prije mjesec

    I love how you put on the boxing gloves and pants for Askren hehe

  49. Nasir Di'ablo
    Nasir Di'ablo
    Prije mjesec

    Coner in there so satisfying 😎😎😎

  50. Jude Mbah
    Jude Mbah
    Prije mjesec

    A welcom kiss from Ben to Mas lol.

  51. Jose Antony
    Jose Antony
    Prije mjesec

    Where's Gerald meeschaert OG ghost ?

    1. Crystal Studio
      Crystal Studio
      Prije mjesec

      Returned to body, because Gerald wins his last fight

  52. 리찰
    Prije mjesec

    Jorge is the creator of Ghosts. But he now is a member of ghost squad lol

  53. VegaG2030
    Prije mjesec

    Love your work man 🤣🤣🤣

  54. José Alejandro
    José Alejandro
    Prije mjesec

    Where is the water around Masvidal head!

  55. CHIN Multimedia
    CHIN Multimedia
    Prije mjesec

    It's time for Africa Hahaha 😂 .

  56. John Cenaa
    John Cenaa
    Prije mjesec

    Dana africa 🤣

  57. Jerson Spencer
    Jerson Spencer
    Prije mjesec

    Paa paa pa pa im a gansgta im😅 gansgta

  58. R.J. Frias
    R.J. Frias
    Prije mjesec

    Its time 4 africaaaa

  59. The Silent Krissy
    The Silent Krissy
    Prije mjesec

    I thought Ben was gonna reject him 😂

  60. George Arkwright
    George Arkwright
    Prije mjesec

    The money sign on Dana’s shirt is funny because it’s true

  61. Voonnek Ramteke
    Voonnek Ramteke
    Prije mjesec

    Dana's face.. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. The Grimwiz
    The Grimwiz
    Prije mjesec

    Bilal Göregen is hilarious 😂

  63. Los Blackyardigans
    Los Blackyardigans
    Prije mjesec

    1:29,😃😂😂🤣 👍

  64. Unknown 37
    Unknown 37
    Prije mjesec

    I dare you to name everyone in the ghost club

  65. Farums Penselstrøg
    Farums Penselstrøg
    Prije mjesec

    Hahahaha just in time too put baby in sleep. Usman The King well done

  66. Bernon Stewart
    Bernon Stewart
    Prije mjesec

    Lol trash talking trash...BUT WHAT ABOUT USMAN!!!!

  67. one love
    one love
    Prije mjesec

    Funny clip 😄

  68. Luanmondi Nuhaj
    Luanmondi Nuhaj
    Prije mjesec

    Korge loosss hahahaha i knwe it..Usman is Crazy😂😂🤣

    Prije mjesec


  70. Aitbai Kadyrow
    Aitbai Kadyrow
    Prije mjesec


  71. Kangge Miyu
    Kangge Miyu
    Prije mjesec

    Ghost club 🤣🤣🤣

  72. zoren mataro
    zoren mataro
    Prije mjesec

    Waiting for this since the fight ended

  73. Nějaký Cyp
    Nějaký Cyp
    Prije mjesec

    why is Gaethje ghost? he is not out

    1. El Vegano Cordobes
      El Vegano Cordobes
      Prije mjesec

      Watch again that leg triangle when Khabib put him to sleep

  74. james rashid
    james rashid
    Prije mjesec

    Lol.Thang it didn't get 2 hear the famous wiggle wiggle wiggle lol.but another classic lol

  75. Attractive Champ player
    Attractive Champ player
    Prije mjesec

    Jorge always a bum

    Prije mjesec

    Hahahaha good one brother love it. Just subbed you ❤

  77. Lyg3rBurg3rz
    Prije mjesec

    It's crazy how almost everyone in the Ghost Club is a top notch fighter, this sport is just ruthless.

  78. Joker S
    Joker S
    Prije mjesec

    Who Do you think would join next the ghost club 👻 ?

  79. Jeff Vahobov
    Jeff Vahobov
    Prije mjesec

    so, Jorge joined the club he started huh? ok Mojahed, ok i will take that

  80. Joe Fanchun
    Joe Fanchun
    Prije mjesec

    'They need people like me ' -Gilbert Yvel

  81. LIFE is A. Small Lesson
    LIFE is A. Small Lesson
    Prije mjesec

    Just listening to this wout watching it I fully knew that Usman was saying "im a gangster im a gangster"..and Jorge/George was doing the Tony Montana bit! Gold!!

  82. Enoeth Ylnodna
    Enoeth Ylnodna
    Prije mjesec

    Is Tony Fergunson in the ghosts?

  83. Anibal Quirino
    Anibal Quirino
    Prije mjesec

    Hijo de mil... muy bueno. Saludos desde Argentina

  84. Bruce hillbilly Barthalow
    Bruce hillbilly Barthalow
    Prije mjesec


  85. Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan
    Prije mjesec


  86. The Badger Den
    The Badger Den
    Prije mjesec

    Can someone PLEASE tell me where the sound effect at 0:55 comes from??

    1. NEURON
      Prije mjesec

      @The Badger Den enjoy

    2. The Badger Den
      The Badger Den
      Prije mjesec

      @NEURON You are appreciated.

    3. NEURON
      Prije mjesec

      It's from christiano ronaldo when he was asked who's gonna win khabib and gaethje. Search on HRfire you'll get it

  87. Art
    Prije mjesec

    No shit....

  88. mike gold
    mike gold
    Prije mjesec

    This is like a cop who put a ton of criminals in jail getting locked up with them.

  89. T J
    T J
    Prije mjesec

    Where is Derrick Lewis ghost?

  90. Student Loan Rage
    Student Loan Rage
    Prije mjesec

    "Does the ghost squad admit women?" - Zhang Weili

  91. Saimur Arnab
    Saimur Arnab
    Prije mjesec

    Those last super necessary hammerfists 🤣

  92. Aizeek1
    Prije mjesec

    Вахаххах ору!

  93. yaritza robles
    yaritza robles
    Prije mjesec

    Mazvidal was the first one on the ko'd blue squad even b4 askren hrfire.info/start/video/l5iltW1fgLVlkaE

  94. Israel Ayoade
    Israel Ayoade
    Prije mjesec

    That ending was brutal af. LMAO

  95. Bar Fight Brasil MMA
    Bar Fight Brasil MMA
    Prije mjesec

    Absolutely brilliant! This time for Africa!

  96. Maximillian Robispierre
    Maximillian Robispierre
    Prije mjesec

    Boom roasted

  97. kamal kant thakur
    kamal kant thakur
    Prije mjesec

    Thees time for aafrika 🤣

  98. اسناد بن سند
    اسناد بن سند
    Prije mjesec

    Good job like always 👏🏻

  99. Bishwa Yonghang
    Bishwa Yonghang
    Prije mjesec


  100. Ronald Atanacio
    Ronald Atanacio
    Prije mjesec