Tony Ferguson refuse to tap in loss vs Dariush

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Tony Ferguson refuse to tap in loss vs Dariush


  1. google user
    google user
    Prije 19 dana

    Tony is the description of being, "TOUGH and STUPID." He has no structure in his fight game but contains some knowledge. However, he doesn't improve and remains fighting the same way. Has no stand up game yet trains kicks and elbows. What the hell is wrong with Tony ?

  2. Nasir Iqbal
    Nasir Iqbal
    Prije 19 dana

    Tony type of guy to let his opponents win. Welcome to mars exploration. For all those who believe in fairytale. No mars exploration and no tony ferguson win.

  3. Abdulaziz D3soog
    Abdulaziz D3soog
    Prije 26 dana

    The king of taping out the notorious mamamaamammam

  4. Mehdi yamaha
    Mehdi yamaha
    Prije 28 dana

    يجب على توني ان يقاتل مقاتل ضعيف ليكسب ثقته و يكسر حاجز الخسارة

  5. paladro
    Prije 29 dana

    just keep inflating dana...

  6. Damian Brooks
    Damian Brooks
    Prije 29 dana

    😄😄😄😁, how can Conor tap on behalf of Tony???

  7. Competitive Little Boy
    Competitive Little Boy
    Prije mjesec

    Tony the type of guy to dress up as a poll so he can feel his own body kick

  8. Global Insight Research
    Global Insight Research
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  9. Andy H
    Andy H
    Prije mjesec

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to ask Chris Weidman why he quit.

  10. Brian Kinary
    Brian Kinary
    Prije mjesec

    The funniest part is when Conor came out to try and tap for Tony 😂 I also wasn’t expecting the Woodley bit. You’re a genius Mojahed.

  11. Stagg Lee
    Stagg Lee
    Prije mjesec

    What's with the weird dana white face at 1:42 ?

  12. Алексей Соловьев
    Алексей Соловьев
    Prije mjesec

    Лайк не глядя

  13. Qw Qw
    Qw Qw
    Prije mjesec

    Academy part was hilarious.

  14. Marc Ray
    Marc Ray
    Prije mjesec

    Holy fuck Dana is on steroids. Lmao

  15. Styleo77
    Prije mjesec

    Tony vs Cerrone for the LMF ( Loser mofoqa) belt

  16. Luca RS
    Luca RS
    Prije mjesec

    The woodley part was so good 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Rukubi- Kun
    Rukubi- Kun
    Prije mjesec

    Bye bye

  18. besi primitif
    besi primitif
    Prije mjesec

    Dariush is so calm and good person, he didn't even bother Tony trash talk, he love it! After dariush win over Tony, he embrace Tony fans to keep supporting him no mater what happens. Man's got pure heart

  19. Incorruptible Mike Adams
    Incorruptible Mike Adams
    Prije mjesec

    When did Dana get so jacked?

  20. Bîģ bòńêř LĂMÃ
    Bîģ bòńêř LĂMÃ
    Prije mjesec

    Like I said Tony need to move on at 170 look at his body face

  21. Kaisar Akhmetbekuly
    Kaisar Akhmetbekuly
    Prije mjesec

    where is ''BIG DRAMA SHOW"?

  22. δlieř
    Prije mjesec

    why is Uncle Dana is so jacked up? is he on Pictogram?

  23. Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker
    Prije mjesec

    Damn!! Dana is getting jacked even in the cartoon realm.

  24. Kosta dean
    Kosta dean
    Prije mjesec

    Dana jacked

  25. Selim hh
    Selim hh
    Prije mjesec

    01:07 HAHAHAH

  26. FlawlessMMA
    Prije mjesec

    ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ █▄─▄▄─█▄─▄▄─██▀▄─██─▄▄▄─█─█─███─▄▄▄─█─▄▄─█▄─▄─▀█▄─▄─▀█▄─▄███▄─▄▄─█▄─▄▄▀█ ██─▄▄▄██─▄█▀██─▀─██─███▀█─▄─███─███▀█─██─██─▄─▀██─▄─▀██─██▀██─▄█▀██─▄─▄█ ▀▄▄▄▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▄▄▄▀▄▀▄▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▀▄▄▄▄▀▄▄▄▄▀▀▄▄▄▄▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▀▄▄▄▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀

  27. Khalid Mehmood
    Khalid Mehmood
    Prije mjesec

    Tony finds his victory in not taping as victory don't seem to come his way.

  28. TheUniformGamer
    Prije mjesec

    I'm sad Tony didn't beat that piece of shit dariush

  29. P P
    P P
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    1. Ray Rayyan
      Ray Rayyan
      Prije mjesec

      Mojahed reaction: 😐>☹️>😭>😐>🤔>🖕😂🖕

  30. FoodandTravel 110
    FoodandTravel 110
    Prije mjesec

    Dana white Face hahahaha

  31. Dark Stoner722
    Dark Stoner722
    Prije mjesec

    Tony is the type of guy to fight with Sun glasses on if it was allowed

  32. Wille Valle
    Wille Valle
    Prije mjesec

    Dansa laugh😂

  33. Jarel17-
    Prije mjesec

    Hold on I'm crying brotha 😩💔 he's heart and toughness still there but his mojo and confidence are at an all time Low man 🙏

  34. Stefano Ventimiglia
    Stefano Ventimiglia
    Prije mjesec

    Dario. Who?? Lmfao

  35. John Doe
    John Doe
    Prije mjesec

    These vids are God💪🏻

  36. Edwin Verzosa
    Edwin Verzosa
    Prije mjesec

    Tony may not be brain damaged but he'll definitely become an amputee

  37. Wetland Retail
    Wetland Retail
    Prije mjesec

    Alijoman is a fish

  38. Didd Kss
    Didd Kss
    Prije mjesec

    How about Tyron Woodley vs tony

  39. Water Dog
    Water Dog
    Prije mjesec

    Tony's the type of guy that would invite a chicken leg to a weenie roast

  40. Anonymous
    Prije mjesec

    I've unsubscribed

  41. Venom Snake
    Venom Snake
    Prije mjesec

    bulk dana

  42. Bully Boy
    Bully Boy
    Prije mjesec

    Dariush the Iranian Christian. God bless him! Marxism is the anti-Christ.

  43. abderrahim el fadili
    abderrahim el fadili
    Prije mjesec

    I missed the "aah my rib"

  44. Anrees G2a
    Anrees G2a
    Prije mjesec

    Tony is looser

  45. bek san
    bek san
    Prije mjesec

    Holy Moly Dana's SWOLE 😂

  46. Adil Umimu
    Adil Umimu
    Prije mjesec

    Never Tap, for that have chance not going whith habib,

  47. Tasos P.
    Tasos P.
    Prije mjesec

    Bro you make my day, i love you

    Prije mjesec

    Conor looked so worried for Tony he murmurmured for him instead! What a nice moment 🥺

  49. Unbias
    Prije mjesec

    Not getting up from underneath Ariel would make me retire.

  50. Mr Hunk
    Mr Hunk
    Prije mjesec

    Tony “never tap “ ferguson

  51. Henry Cagle
    Henry Cagle
    Prije mjesec

    Tony got his 75,000 bonus in the hospital.... let’s do 4 in a row Tony don’t give up.😂

  52. gerbon maasde
    gerbon maasde
    Prije mjesec

    this is gold

  53. Daywalker X316
    Daywalker X316
    Prije mjesec

    Pump the breaks Pump the breaks He Couldn't get up from underneath Ariel , Who.. Bahaha 🤣 Had me rolling. I had to rewind ⏪ it. I had to it !! 😁 😁 🤣

  54. Gagan Mann
    Gagan Mann
    Prije mjesec

    Champ shit academy 🤣🤣🤣

  55. Albert Howard
    Albert Howard
    Prije mjesec

    Funny how after all that Tony didn't get a bonus anyway. Poor bastard.

  56. boxing Australia.
    boxing Australia.
    Prije mjesec

    I love buff dana

  57. Никита Сагай
    Никита Сагай
    Prije mjesec

    Так погнался за Хабибом, что перестал видеть соперников

  58. Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem
    Prije mjesec

    Tony needs to stop fighting top guys now. he's going to get really badly hurt and i'm concerned for his health and safety

  59. Dairon v s v
    Dairon v s v
    Prije mjesec


  60. German Suplex
    German Suplex
    Prije mjesec

    0:53 - 1:00 Best part of the video, this made my night. Fuckin' beautiful :''

  61. AntMan
    Prije mjesec

    Tony is the type of guy to wait until his opponent taps while his knee is getting snapped.

  62. Extremely Average Gamer
    Extremely Average Gamer
    Prije mjesec

    Just noticed buff dana

  63. Norberto Amorim
    Norberto Amorim
    Prije mjesec

    Too fecking funny

  64. OG Jin Bling
    OG Jin Bling
    Prije mjesec

    Dana's arms 🤣🤣🤣

  65. Daniel Pandiangan
    Daniel Pandiangan
    Prije mjesec

    Beneil Dariush is the new kid in your animation,

  66. Mauricio
    Prije mjesec

    Not tapping to sever injuries isn’t having fighting spirit, it’s being stupid. Instead of getting out while u can u keep trying to put up with career ending injuries just to “act tough”.

  67. zachery mooney
    zachery mooney
    Prije mjesec

    Danna arms tho

  68. J Jj
    J Jj
    Prije mjesec

    Dana holding back on insults on Beniels performance...he will get a top 5 guy... 🦉🤔

  69. J Jj
    J Jj
    Prije mjesec


  70. Jeremy JOrdan
    Jeremy JOrdan
    Prije mjesec

    It's weird how tough fights with glasses 😂

  71. Rowan Perry
    Rowan Perry
    Prije mjesec


  72. Hippie Saint
    Hippie Saint
    Prije mjesec

    Dana is juiced in this video

  73. Tadi_ the_great
    Tadi_ the_great
    Prije mjesec

    Tony is the type of guy who never taps while being submitted

  74. Bert Ernie
    Bert Ernie
    Prije mjesec

    Tony is outdated

  75. Pete Jimenez
    Pete Jimenez
    Prije mjesec


  76. Joker S
    Joker S
    Prije mjesec

    Usada needs to visit Dana’s arms

  77. Mr Motivator
    Mr Motivator
    Prije mjesec

    Do dana white being harassed by triller thumbs this up so he sees

  78. Raymond Sison
    Raymond Sison
    Prije mjesec

    Gotta admire conor's generosity, tapping out on behalf of tony.

  79. Jace V
    Jace V
    Prije mjesec

    Gaina White

  80. Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar
    Prije mjesec

    Dana White privilege

  81. Casper Audi
    Casper Audi
    Prije mjesec

    Khabib needs 100 million to fight these clowns🤡

  82. Alabanana Twerking God
    Alabanana Twerking God
    Prije mjesec

    With all that damage let's hope Tony wont be a vegetable after few years from now .

  83. Abd
    Prije mjesec

    Thank you brother, Im still mourning for Tony and Im glad you didnt do anything bad for tony’s anime in this video.. this was fine. Thank you... i hope he still get to win atleast 1 fight or 2 then retire after... pick not top 10

  84. Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony
    Prije mjesec

    I know the viewers of this channel don’t really like Tony. But it’s still sad to see him go out like this. He had a huge win streak and he’s fallen of so hard it’s heartbreaking. I don’t care if he would lose to Khabib he’s still my #1 favourite lightweight ever, regardless of the outcome.

  85. MagicMacMusic
    Prije mjesec

    I think about Woodley screaming "AW AHH! MY RIB MY RIB!" everyday Thanks to this channel😂😂😂

  86. everardo M
    everardo M
    Prije mjesec

    Of course his not gonna tap. His not mactapper. Who taps right away. Connor vs tony if Connor gets KO or submitted by Dustin.

  87. Gobin D
    Gobin D
    Prije mjesec


  88. Jean Arismendi
    Jean Arismendi
    Prije mjesec

    Racist 😂😂

  89. tam adams
    tam adams
    Prije mjesec

    Tony is the type of guy to go on a losing streak so he can get a red panty fight. Tony has been the most watchable fighter since about 2012. True people's champ!

  90. allu sahib potom
    allu sahib potom
    Prije mjesec

    If Tony fight khabib he may die or lost his legs,hands bcz of not tapping out😂😂

  91. Young Nigga
    Young Nigga
    Prije mjesec

    Benil been a problem

  92. Circuito Vital Rock en Español Spanish Rock
    Circuito Vital Rock en Español Spanish Rock
    Prije mjesec

    Dana's face biting his lower lip is Hilarious !! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  93. Rishaang
    Prije mjesec

    Connor tapped just by watching it

  94. Ashish Hiwale
    Ashish Hiwale
    Prije mjesec

    Tony is 🐐for me

  95. Fid bb
    Fid bb
    Prije mjesec

    its nice to see khabib in mojahed video again

  96. Devin King
    Devin King
    Prije mjesec

    Dana white privilege got me good

  97. ExTrEaMe LT
    ExTrEaMe LT
    Prije mjesec

    Tony type a dude to be a ghost while not getting koed

  98. Ermac
    Prije mjesec

    Never tap to a bum

  99. DarudeDance
    Prije mjesec

    I have been watching Mojahed's videos for about a year now and just realized that i was not subscribed

  100. Grimace
    Prije mjesec

    Tony “death before dishonor” Ferguson