Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul is OFFICIAL

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Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul is OFFICIAL


  1. The Blue Beast
    The Blue Beast
    Prije dan

    0:38 Best 🤣💯

  2. M 2
    M 2
    Prije 2 dana

    If Tyron wins I'll tell my kids he is Tupac

  3. Jacob Grobecker
    Jacob Grobecker
    Prije 4 dana

    Your video came up during a Tryon Woodley training video , and him and his team couldn't stop laughing 😂😂

    1. MysticTony02
      Prije 2 dana

      Yeah I burst out laughing when I saw this vid in his camp 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Jaydon Singh
    Jaydon Singh
    Prije 5 dana

    1:11 YESIRR

  5. Mike
    Prije 7 dana

    Them headbutts though

  6. Magical surprise
    Magical surprise
    Prije 8 dana

    I can knock jake Paul out

  7. Frank Ramirez
    Frank Ramirez
    Prije 8 dana

    How are you so funny?😂😂

  8. redbull Tapia
    redbull Tapia
    Prije 10 dana

    but Gsp cant fight oscar and make couple million

  9. Ed Warren
    Ed Warren
    Prije 10 dana

    “Loike i woman with thut phoon”- McNuggets

  10. the unknown guy
    the unknown guy
    Prije 10 dana

    Twood was never my friend - classoc dana

  11. colby covington
    colby covington
    Prije 10 dana

    In and out of jake paul

  12. SmoothShot 808
    SmoothShot 808
    Prije 10 dana


  13. James Nista
    James Nista
    Prije 12 dana

    "That is bullshit" LOL

  14. Toughest Guy...
    Toughest Guy...
    Prije 12 dana

    0:38😂 dana white

  15. cabezadesmartphone
    Prije 13 dana

    Mojahed genius. Dana pressing the red button in different positions got me 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. THE iiRiSHHOUND-
    Prije 13 dana

    Don't be surprised if tyron loses, under the table payments are taking place

    1. BoxyTheSpaceDog
      Prije 10 dana

      @THE iiRiSHHOUND- also greetings from Serb,stay strong,Ireland United!

    2. THE iiRiSHHOUND-
      THE iiRiSHHOUND-
      Prije 10 dana

      @BoxyTheSpaceDog i hear ya

    3. BoxyTheSpaceDog
      Prije 11 dana

      I can't even mention fixed fights to my friends,they all believe it's all legit,lol

  17. Thug life Chris
    Thug life Chris
    Prije 13 dana

    Dana white Bruce Lee style you killing me bro 😂😂😂

  18. omarkhalidali
    Prije 13 dana

    Most likely jake will knock out tyron by a body punch

    1. expensivecub 150
      expensivecub 150
      Prije 6 dana

      Oh Oh... Ohh my rib, rib. - Tyron Woodley

  19. Dak Ota
    Dak Ota
    Prije 13 dana

    Why do people like giving more money to spoiled rich people...?

  20. boltspeedman21
    Prije 14 dana

    LMAO that outro... that alone is a like for this video

  21. Matt Wyro
    Matt Wyro
    Prije 14 dana

    I love Dana's face

  22. Chromatic 01
    Chromatic 01
    Prije 14 dana

    Bum paul

  23. Head honcho the one
    Head honcho the one
    Prije 14 dana

    Lol this shit funny af 🤣😂😭

  24. Gladwinn
    Prije 15 dana

    0:38 that was disturbing😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣0:39

    Prije 15 dana

    Can you upload videos about KSI?

  26. Operator
    Prije 15 dana

    Yes sir!!!

  27. Jordan Prendergast
    Jordan Prendergast
    Prije 15 dana

    Racist 😭😭😭

  28. Feruza Agzamova
    Feruza Agzamova
    Prije 15 dana

    I'm waiting for your animation of tonight's fight Logan vs FLoyd.

  29. robertg305
    Prije 15 dana

    It's the weasel!

  30. Angry Harry
    Angry Harry
    Prije 16 dana

    Is he dead?

  31. Kingomegared
    Prije 16 dana

    If Paul sleeps Woodley the mma community gonna get trolled so fuckin hard 😂

  32. DUB TV
    DUB TV
    Prije 16 dana

    Why you do tyron Woodley forehead like that LMAO

  33. Manny Talks Tech
    Manny Talks Tech
    Prije 16 dana

    Dana "Tyron Woodley was never my friend" got me so good.

  34. Too Much Sauce
    Too Much Sauce
    Prije 16 dana

    I’m pretty sure Dana will offer tyron a contract if he knocks out fake paul

  35. SlamminX3
    Prije 16 dana

    If Woodley wins, then fallin in and out of love is going to be our first dance song at my wedding 👍🏻

  36. andrew seed
    andrew seed
    Prije 17 dana

    Fans, this was set up during the Ben fight. The argument with Jake and his team. Ben goes down, now Woodley gets a shot...to lose. Sets up Mayweather vs the younger Paul. Lots of wwe storylines heading into that fight. Mayweather beats Logan then for the black community he is there to avenge Nate and Woodley (yes Woodley will lose) Jake will avenge his brother losing..that's the storyline

  37. Drexx jr
    Drexx jr
    Prije 17 dana

    Lol UFC got talent 😂😂

  38. It'sYoBoiGucci
    Prije 17 dana

    Props to Jake and respect for taking this fight. Tyron Woodley is a very dangerous and tough fight but Jake took it. 90% change of Tyron knocking out Jake , 10% chance for Jake. I didn't thought Jake would pick a hard fight specially this early in his career but he did it and that makes me wanna respect him. Jake 1st fight: Deji who had zero experience in boxing and was getting caught by multiple shots by Deji but finally finished Deji in 5th round. (he was getting hit lot of times in that fight, he bleed through his nose couple of times and was the longest he was ever been in a fight inside boxing ring, but his skills has gotten better since then but still it is the same guy). Deji is a youtuber/gamer. Played video games and made his career as youtuber, again not a athlete and still he was/is the most toughest opponent of Jake till this day. 2nd fight: Aneson Gib, a blind aggressor again not a pro boxer he was a youtuber and he literally was crouching the whole time he looked like a 10 year old kid inside the ring.. again no skill not enough trained just a normal guy, Jake got it done in 1st round (easiest opponent of his career according to me). 3rd fight: Nate Robinson, a NBA player who never boxed before and had no idea what its like to get punched in the face, and when he got punched he couldn't take it. Again, not a boxer or a skilled man what so ever. 4th fight: Ben Askren, a world champion at "wrestling" never boxed in his whole life, he only specifies in wrestling has zero ability in his hands when boxing is all about throwing hands .. Jake got it done cuz he knows how to throw hand as opposed to Ben, again not a boxer, no skill in boxing at all. That's 4 people in a row who werent a boxer, zero skills whatsoever, no challenge for him . Worst thing for him is he thinks he can beat anyone when he fought people like these previously.. that's what i call delusion cuz you havent been challenged yet, dont get cocky. Even if you beat best in the world in future being cocky is never good. Now 5th fight: Tyron woodley, this is like going 0 to100 for Jake, woodley knows how to box and has 10 times more skill than the 4 people he fought previously combined. This will be the real test for Jake Paul and i have to respect it for him taking the fight with woodley but Woodley wins this one there is no doubt, he'll get a reality check after this fight that you can't do the same when opponent knows how to box. I have zero doubt in my mind that Tyron Woodley will win this fight. Go see all of his 4 fights , the full fight is on youtube very high quality then you'll know why Jake is just a amature level fighter with OKAY skills. No way he's winning against Woodley but if he does, well im SURPRISED he got me good. But the chances are slim to nothing.. Slim chance for Jake cuz he has punching power and can get it done with a lucky shot, thats the only chance for him but even setting up a lucky shot is hard with opponent like woodley. I somehow feel this was idiotic of him to take the fight early in his carrer, he should have picked easy/okay level fights until he has record of 10 wins. But hey, he wants to challenge himself thats good for him, but not for his boxing career on long run if he wants to go for the long run.

  39. Wild Berry
    Wild Berry
    Prije 17 dana

    DQ for those headbutts

  40. Big Wolf Records
    Big Wolf Records
    Prije 17 dana

    That face dana makes is killin me 😂

  41. Kid Power
    Kid Power
    Prije 17 dana

    Conor picking on Espinozo is still the funniest shit ever

  42. Jason Anderson
    Jason Anderson
    Prije 17 dana

    His rap sucks, he has lost 4 in a row to some crazy good fighters. So if Jake is for real he has to pass this test. Woodly needs to retire if he can't get this kid out of there

  43. Jack Hunt
    Jack Hunt
    Prije 17 dana

    Dude you are genius. I love seeing these vids. So funny

  44. Mehmet Tavsancioglu
    Mehmet Tavsancioglu
    Prije 17 dana

    There can only be one winner in this fight Jake paul cash grab for woodley

  45. Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega
    Prije 17 dana

    I love how they hand the contracts with such elegance

  46. toxs gaming
    toxs gaming
    Prije 17 dana

    Tyro about to get sold out again from MMA community this is such a shame to mma

  47. Jah Eerie
    Jah Eerie
    Prije 17 dana

    I didn't think it would be possible to make Espinoza look even worse in cartoon-forrm. Mojahed proved me wrong 🤣

  48. Rory macdonald
    Rory macdonald
    Prije 18 dana


  49. Gavinda Jai Jai
    Gavinda Jai Jai
    Prije 18 dana

    oh man this pure comedy ! i hope there will be a feature length movie !

  50. Li Love
    Li Love
    Prije 18 dana

    Shhhhhhhit I’m to high for this 😂😂😂these are quality bro keep up the good work my man 😎✌️✌️

  51. Adam C
    Adam C
    Prije 18 dana

    Tyron isn’t a boxer. Lol. Jake knows how to pick em. Jake wins again by ko and makes mma community hate him even more.

  52. Renjolo Bagunu
    Renjolo Bagunu
    Prije 18 dana

    Im going with Tyron

  53. Jay Mac
    Jay Mac
    Prije 18 dana

    Damn Tyron is a horrendous singer lool 😭😂😂

  54. Джейсон Стэтхэм
    Джейсон Стэтхэм
    Prije 18 dana

    Please explain to me why Conor has "blue lips", and the shirt also says "blue lips". Where did this joke come from?

  55. Notpoop
    Prije 18 dana

    jake pauls macaroni hair killin me lmfao

  56. Notpoop
    Prije 18 dana

    SOMEONE needs to walkout to "in and outa love". i dont even care who it is at this point. just someone PLEASE give this absolute tune the exposure it deserves 😂😂😂

  57. Bala Clava
    Bala Clava
    Prije 18 dana

    Yesssss a new Tyron verse 🔥

  58. Langen TG
    Langen TG
    Prije 18 dana

    What happened to ur instagram mate

  59. IWD420
    Prije 18 dana

    Watch Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley start a rap group 😭

  60. Гир Ман
    Гир Ман
    Prije 18 dana

    It's time for Mozhahed to launch his promotion!!!)))

  61. Juan Ignacio Martin
    Juan Ignacio Martin
    Prije 18 dana

    why showtime is hated

  62. elvisminic
    Prije 18 dana

    Thats where Jake is gonna get him couple of jabs to the rib cage,ooohhh i broke my rib

  63. Kryptosimponite Legend
    Kryptosimponite Legend
    Prije 18 dana

    Only way jake paul wins if the fight was rigged like that asscream fight

  64. tim nic
    tim nic
    Prije 18 dana

    Wilder vs Fury 3 is official

  65. michael donaldson
    michael donaldson
    Prije 18 dana

    My rib my rib lol

  66. Charrua
    Prije 18 dana


  67. Jack Cabot
    Jack Cabot
    Prije 18 dana

    I have 0 faith in Tyron as a fighter as a whole id just take the pay day and take the L he is just......less and below.

  68. 808Tornado
    Prije 18 dana

    If Tyron KOs Paul, word is bond I will buy his song falling in and out of love. T-Wood!!! I swear I'll buy it. No joke. A promise. WHOS WITH ME?

  69. Gary Gwinn
    Gary Gwinn
    Prije 18 dana

    The entire combat sports community is disgusted by this total garbage. Losers vs Losers

  70. Eisley Welsch
    Eisley Welsch
    Prije 18 dana

    i love how Dana usually gets the last word/punch.

  71. etemy tradel
    etemy tradel
    Prije 18 dana

    Make t-shirts inwant one with the Dana happy face

  72. gkelley
    Prije 18 dana

    Everytime the Paul brothers fight, the fight fans lose. Nobody should be paying for these crap events.

  73. 5murf
    Prije 18 dana

    That Dana grin is so epic 😂😂😂

  74. Kamil El
    Kamil El
    Prije 18 dana

    Are those misshaped bananas as Jake’s hair😂😂😂😂

  75. The Black Skellington
    The Black Skellington
    Prije 18 dana

    at the start I was expecting that MMA news intro lol

  76. Mr October
    Mr October
    Prije 18 dana

    Jake Paul should walk out to "IN N OUTTA LUV WIT CHU" 🤣🤣 Troll Life

  77. Randy Savage
    Randy Savage
    Prije 19 dana

    Jake will win this one

  78. Huri Abbasi
    Huri Abbasi
    Prije 19 dana

    0:40 oh my god 🤣🤣🤣

  79. AntMan
    Prije 19 dana

    Jake's hair is made of macaroni.

  80. kaiboogie1
    Prije 19 dana

    Dana was twerking on the buzzer!!!💀

  81. Armin Cal
    Armin Cal
    Prije 19 dana

    Tyron will lose 100%

  82. Man on the moon
    Man on the moon
    Prije 19 dana

    Uahh uahhh uahh uahhh!!!

  83. serj
    Prije 19 dana

    We have to get Woodley in the billboards if he takes this one home for us..

  84. serj
    Prije 19 dana

    We have to get Woodley in the billboards if he takes this one home for us..

  85. Maestro Von Huge
    Maestro Von Huge
    Prije 19 dana

    Tryon, please, do sumthin.

  86. M.W.K
    Prije 19 dana


  87. Reza P سیّد عمامه سفید رزا پهلوانی
    Reza P سیّد عمامه سفید رزا پهلوانی
    Prije 19 dana

    Conor is just sth else so comedian

  88. James
    Prije 19 dana

    Oh..my rib. My rib😂😂

  89. Eagle Eye
    Eagle Eye
    Prije 19 dana

    Dana face and kick combination>>

  90. Lee B
    Lee B
    Prije 19 dana

    😂🤣Dam he did it again, my rib my rib!

  91. not alive
    not alive
    Prije 19 dana

    I love that he put conor in all parts

  92. Egi Bobas
    Egi Bobas
    Prije 19 dana

    Dana twerking on the buzzer had me dead

  93. Leichtklang Recordings
    Leichtklang Recordings
    Prije 19 dana

    People already screaming, "fight a real boxer" What now, isn´t woodley enough of a competitor all of a sudden ?

  94. Kevin King
    Kevin King
    Prije 19 dana

    At the start this show depended on MMA now MMA depends on this show

  95. Mohammed Kamrul Hassan
    Mohammed Kamrul Hassan
    Prije 19 dana

    Weasel for sure

  96. SATURNE24
    Prije 19 dana

    I'm afraid there is a already a script of the fight because idk how this youtuber accepted to fight Tyron who has heavy hands

  97. Blaiss
    Prije 19 dana

    Dana’s face after the kick. Every time kills me. 🤣

  98. doc Mo-gun ✔
    doc Mo-gun ✔
    Prije 19 dana

    Mojahed's Tyron Woodley looks like more like *PK Subban* than the real Woodley😹😹

  99. Achraf Abbes
    Achraf Abbes
    Prije 19 dana

    What is it with the Pauls and 40 year old fighters